Creative Genius Adventure #1

Welcome to the first monthly "adventure" into Creative Genius territories!

Photo was taken in my "upper porch" above the hills of Vacaville.

Photo was taken in my "upper porch" above the hills of Vacaville.

The purpose of these monthly adventures (that looks suspiciously like a newsletter at first glance) are designed to give you a tiny 1% breakthrough into your own creativity and genius every month.   (These teeny-tiny 1% changes will add up very quickly as you will learn shortly!)  On these adventures you may find video links, audios, "maps" ... anything that I (as your guide on the adventure), feel led by the Spirit of Genius to share with you. Let's begin with the amazing and ... Surprising Power of Teeny-Tiny 1% Improvements....

1% is a tiny improvement that ends up being VERY significant, as proven by this story:


TEAM SKY -  a mid 2000's study was done with a Great Britain professional bicycling team. They had never won anything before. So they hired Dave Brailsford. Brailsford is credited with championing a philosophy of 'marginal gains'. He believed that the aggregation of marginal gains : a 1% improvement in a variety of elements would lead to a significant improvement. For the bicycling team this meant lighter tires, lighter clothing, ergomatic seats. Even stuff you wouldn't expect: wash their hands, best pillow for sleeping, massage gels. He believed, "if we could "aggregate" all these 1% gains then we could win Tour de France in 5 years."  He was wrong. They won it in three years! They won 70% of the gold medals in the Olympics that year. And for many years following. 

1% is a tiny improvement, but ends up being VERY significant. It's basic math: 1% for 365 days means a 37% improvement by end of year.  What tiny, effortless improvement could you add to shape your life differently? Perhaps watch a TED video rather than a movie once a week when you feel like being a couch potato? (I recommend some in the section below.) This alone could position you to learn something new, creative and significant!

Live by choice rather than default!


Unfortunately, most people live by default and thus by defeat.  Because the opposite is also true: a tiny error, a small lapse in discipline, 1% worse each day, will whittle you all the way down to zero.   

BUT NOT YOU! If you want to be just 10% better, you only need to get a teeny-tiny 1% better for 232 days out of the year! That’s 46 weeks a year (5 days a week with weekends off) . Below  I’ve gifted you some of my favorites just off the top of my head.  Video #1 leads me to share about significant, cool stuff that happened with the Creative peeps who just finished their own 33 Day “Seeds of Genius” Journey with me!    

 What an AMAZING month!  Allow me to show off a few of the photos, adventures, breakthroughs and testimonies from those who joined us on this first journey.  I believe it will inspire you as much as it did me!  It was an intense trip, for both the adventurers and me, we learned a lot!!! 

 The image above is by Christine Livernois from Alberta, Canada  using a super simple method to learn and practice perspective:  She wrote: "Lyn Lasneski this was definitely an awesome activity!! …I was shaking and my eye was leaking but so worth it 😂 My perspective is shifting !!! So cool“* 

Or this fun testimony by Sandy Bessent from Richland WA, in her words:


***Spoiler alert regarding bridge drawing exercise!***

 “I want to share a testimony from the bridge drawing. One of the things that has been stirred up through the icreategenius process is how our thoughts shape our reality when we line them up with the thoughts of God. This has been confirmed in a multitude of ways. The bridge exercise turned out to be quite prophetic. On the right side of my drawing, which I later found out is an indicator of where you are headed, I threw in a fun and zippy red car. I have pictured.above.  

 My husband and I have recently taken a pretty severe hit to our finances as we have stepped into adopting two very young grandchildren. We really see God's hand in the provisions provided. We were discussing how to approach acquiring a newer vehicle... we were unable to take our current vehicle out of town due to unreliability concerns. Two weeks ago, we received this car as a gift. I am so tickled that the car I drew is so similar to the car I received.” 

Sandy's car photo and Recommended Videos


Pictured above is the actual car that Sandy was given. 


Some of my favorite videos at the moment (click on any!)

#1  Here's a tiny three minute video about small, incremental changes:

Change your life in 30 days

#2  Award-winning, hit-you-in-the-heart, 8 minutes: An "animated, short film" about the effects of non-creativity.

#3  Funny, edgy, author and activist Isabel Allende discusses women, creativity, the definition of feminism -- and, of course, passion. Tales of Passion

#4 This RSA Animate: Changing Paradigms Sir Ken Robinson, "Schools Kill Creativity"

#5  Why Creative Genius is a JOURNEY, trial and error rather than a lightning stroke: Trial and Error and the God Complex 

(You don't have to agree with everything to soak in some truth.) 

Image from Linette Wallbank's Seeds of Genius Journal

Hope you can make it when we open the next "33 SEEDS OF GENIUS JOURNEY!"

Above image from Linette's Journal using a new journaling approach we tried. It's beautiful, intriguing, inspiring.

Hope you can make it when we open the next "33 SEEDS OF GENIUS JOURNEY!"

"If change is going to happen regardless, why not be one of the few who initiate it on purpose and by design. 1% at a time." 

Lyn Lasneski